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Why use Taskfort?

Our tool will allow you to be more productive by helping your team organize tasks.
We are not a cloud company, so all the data stays on YOUR servers.

Some great features of TaskFort

With our advanced features, you'll fall in love with


Real Time

Work on the same board at the same time with multiple users.


Full Source Code

This gives your on-staff developers the ability to modify the code.


LDAP Integration

Import existing users from AD. No LDAP Passwords are ever stored in the TaskFort databases.


Dedicated support

Call Us for human support. Just as long as your license is active, we will help you walk-through any problems.

Our Mission

We are tired of cloud solutions so we are letting you take back control of your data.
Taskfort is a hostable kanban solution for organizations that can't rely on 3rd parties. We will never be a cloud-only company.

We also believe that once you purchase the license to our code, you should be able to modify it.
If you need the application tailored to your company's needs, you will have the power to change it.

Please read our full disclosure as to not abuse our trust (e.g. not posting the whole source-code online).

**Licenses provide up to 1 year of support + upgrades.**

(Less than 10 Users)

(10 - 100 Users)

(More than 100 Users)

Frequently Asked Questions
What is TaskFort built with?

TaskFort is built with CodeIgniter (PHP), MySQL, Redis, Nginx, jQuery, and Socket.IO

What does TaskFort in action look like?

If you don't want to create an account, you can view our developer board

Will TaskFort ever access my data?

No. We pride ourselves on empowering you while respecting your privacy.

How can I purchase a license?

You will need to create an account, then once you log in, there will be a button to purchase the software.

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